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Review by Danni

I would also love pics of the back of the dress, and on a real bride. Thanks!!

Review by Chook

Hi - if anyone has pics of this dress on a real bride including any of the back - it would be greatly appreciated. Also does it fit true to size? Any info would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

Review by dyana

If anyone has actually ordered this dress can you please email me the designer? who makes it? i am in love with it but needto try it on first. please email me any clues at THANKS!!

Review by Laura

I was wondering if someone would be able to send me some pictures with different views of the dress. Also, does the dress fit true to size or is it large or small fitting? What is the lining made of? Is there anything extra like crinoline? And finally, does it feel light and airy on? Thanks, Laura, email:

Review by Running

Please send pics of any other angles (and hopefully a plus size lady) to

Review by ASH

I'm getting married in Hawaii on Nov 11th and love this dress, it looks like it would be perfect for a beach wedding. But I've been to so many stores and tired so many dresses on that looked great on the hanger and less than great on me so I'm very nervous about ordering based on a picture alone. I would very much appreciate it is anyone that has ordered this dress could e-mail me pictures of the back, side or any other angles. I'm an 18/20W in normal clothing and would like very much to see what this dress looks like on a fuller figured woman.

Review by Min

Please can you email me some more pics especially of the back... That would be wonderful love the dress....

Review by Danni

I am yet to receive pics of this dress - does anyone have pics of this dress that they can send to me??

Review by Beer

I love this dress but would love to see it on a real bride. Could someone please email me pics at

Review by Jen

I too need to see the back of this beautiful dress. I have a tattoo and am wondering if it will cover or show...please send me a pic when you get a chance. Thanks ladies!! I REALLY appreciate it! Congrats!

Review by Danni

I was wondering if I could get some more picks of this dress?

Review by Steph

Received pics right away!!! Thanks for the quick response :)

Review by Steph

Hi...Can you please send me pics of this dress on an acutal bride, front and back? Please send to

Review by JoJo

Would anyone be able to email me an actual bride in this dress??!!

Review by MBK

Can someone please send me pictures of this dress (front and back)???

Review by sarah

this dress is not the same dress i got pics of from who is the designer and how do i find it please email @

Review by beezy

Does ANYBODY know who the designer of this dress is!?!?

Review by JoJo

Can someone send me pictures of this dress on a real person. Also I would love to see the back of the dress.

Review by Tracy

I am really liking this dress as well as another, could anyone send me pictures of them in this dress I am fairly large busted and would like to get some type of idea on how the top fits. Thanks

Review by Carribean

Love,love this dress! Perfect for my beach wedding in St.Thomas. Can someone please send a pic of the back. I would really appreciate it!

Review by tara

I love the look of this dress but would like to see some pics of it on a real person. I am a size 12 so anyone close to that size it would be great!

Review by Erika

If someone could send me a few pictures of the dress on someone or just different angles. Thanks so much!

Review by traci

I would love to see photos of this dress on a real life bride not just the model. Especially the back of the dress! Also, ladies what has your experience been with wedding Kinda nervous about ordering my wedding dress online! Email photos to thx :) traci

Review by Girl

Hi girls, It seems we all want the same thing. I absolutely love this dress! I come back to it all the time! I am probably a size 16 and would love to see what the dress looks like on someone other than the model!!! Can someone please send me pictures. I would greatly appreciate it!

Review by texifly

I'm a very fussy girl....don't like tons of frills or lace but I don't like anything too plain or structured either. When I saw this dress it was love at first sight......everything I want in a wedding gown!!

Review by Nats

I have purchased this dress for my wedding at the end of the year. For all of you wanting to know what the back looks like it is exactly the same as the front but where the dress crosses over at the front on the back is a zip. Hope that helps

Review by christina

i am 5'2 126 pounds this is my 1st wedding.

Review by lerato

please send me the wedding dress cataloque on line.i am planning a wedding in 2014 so i would like to buy from you.



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